O-Procedure & Vaginal Rejuvenation

Spider Vein Treatment

O-Procedure is a painless, non-surgical procedure where your blood rich in platelets (Platelet rich plasma) is injected into the vaginal walls and clitoris. Here, the growth factors in the plasma lead to collagen stimulation, resulting in the rejuvenation of these areas.

O-Procedure has notable benefits, some of which are:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Heightened orgasms from vaginal and clitoral stimulation
  • Addresses urinary incontinence
  • Treats bladder infections
  • Lichesclerosisus

Is the O-Proceudre permanent?

The O-Procedure lasts up to three years or longer in some women. However, on the average, women choose to repeat the procedure every 18 months to maintain results.

How painful is the O-Procedure?

While the injections are made in sensitive areas, a topical anaesthesia prior to the injection will be given. Most patients report little pain after the procedure.

Another service offered at Skintistication Aesthetic and Laser clinic is the Mona Lisa touch, done with a CO2 laser. It uses lasers to make micro-abrasions in the vaginal wall, which stimulate growth of new blood vessels.